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Smoking in China- Lady Tries to Stop Co-worker from Smoking and He Brings the Pain

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

This lady in China tried to stop a guy from smoking at work and apparently he went nuclear on her and knocked her around a bit. Appently this guy likes smoking too much, or maybe he is just plain crazy. The lady is 49 (see below) and it the age of the guy was not reported. I dont know about you guys, but as for me, the Chinese have two problematic groups of people, the one child policy people born after 1980 and the men who are 40 and above.I would bet this guy belongs to the latter category. I guess the good thing is that he had no meat clear and she was spared that…

“After she tried to stop a colleague from smoking in the office, Wang Fen, 49, was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with a cerebral concussion, http://www.cnhubei.com reported Tuesday. “I don’t know why he put me through this. I have serious pharyngitis and am very sensitive to smoke,” Wang cried from her hospital bed. She was hospitalized for 20 days after she was hit by her colleague Mr. Liu, who is said to have smoked in the office on more than one occasion. Liu came to apologize to Wang and paid 4,000 yuan ($593) as compensation.

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