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Taiwan is Part of China- Heard it in The Airport

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 16, 2010

“Taiwan and Hong Kong are both part of China” I heard some pedantic overbearing Chinese lady harping at her clients in the airport. The Chinese are crazy about this fact, I mean they go tribal and ballistic. I cannot remember all of the times I have been in business meetings and heard about China, all of China, including Taiwan and Hong kong…
The funny thing is that this lady is trying to make these businessmen feel good, trying to earn some cash, but in her nationalistic zeal she forgot who the customer is (which is par for the course in China) and began to educate these guys about the history of Taiwan and China, etc.
She walked off to get the guys some coffee and one of the guys muttered,”what an asshole, I’d never trust nor buy from her.”, I just smiled. I guess the ‘Chinese history’ teacher will not be making this sale.

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