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An American in China

China and Controlling the Media

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 17, 2010

I went on business and was not able to access my usual sources or fountains of information here in China and it astounded me just how much the chicoms control the media. Being separated from reality as it were , i was forced to choke down what the typical Chinaman is spoon fed vz the communist media monster. Upon returning to my normal life, it hit me at just how seclude from reality or the world the typical Chinaman is. They have not idea about what is going on in neighboring countries, innovation, or anything positive, I should say. They will be provided , however with an abundance of the bad. Oil spill in another country Chinese hear about it, plane crash, you got it, terrorist attack, front page. But new innovation, increase in the Dow, Joe Chinese will never be the wiser. It actually makes me feel sorry for the Chinese.

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