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Beware of Shanghai China Hospitals- Fake Meds in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 24, 2010

I once read a report that something like 50-70% of the meds in China are fake. And even when I go to the hospital they say I am a foreigner and they presuem I want the real meds..I am like wtf? What other meds are there? Well the following excerpt shows what others they offer. In China they have the real meds which can also be fakes, the generic meds that are probably fakes and the fake meds that are really fakes. Are you confused? So am I, but what I do know is that some 80 people went blind a few weeks ago from some Chinese meds in one hospital, and now this place is saying that their meds for ocular degeneration were faked. I guess my reply is that this is China…

“SHANGHAI – A drug suspected of causing adverse reactions in 61 patients at the Shanghai No 1 People’s Hospital was a fake version of the real medicine, according to the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). The SFDA made the announcement late on Wednesday via a statement on its websiteThe organization had launched an investigation after 116 patients were given the medicine on Sept 6 and Sept 8”

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