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China Daily Public Pisser- Photos of Public Urination in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 25, 2010

This astounds me, but yet I continue to see it almost on a daily basis. Look at this woman holding the baby. The baby has ‘open crotched’ pants so that it is easier to urinate. The lady got out of the car and is now holding the kid while it pees on the sidewalk in broad daylight, in front of the subway stop!
Some things to consider: the lady is being chaperoned in a car so presumably she is not some poor villager and presumably should know better- but she doesn’t. Also what does this teach the child and what image does it portray to anyone visiting China and witnessing this spectacle.
Maybe its just me, but I really never remember my mom holding me while I exposed my junk to the world so that I could piss in front of a whole city, but maybe thats just my family. I think things like this are so culturally steeped in this place that eradicating them will not occur in my life time…

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