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Chinese Has Fewer Peolple Below the Poverty Than the USA- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 25, 2010

This is sad, the USA, long known as the land of opportunity has recently reported that about 44 million Americans lived below the poverty level while only 40 million Chinese do so… wtf?
Oh wait a minute, the definitions of ‘poverty level are quite different. In the USA it is an amount of money that means you cannot afford cable and the second car, in China it means that you cant afford anything. The Chinese communist party puts the official poverty leve at 1,196 Yuan or $178 …… per year. Yeah, to be in poverty in China you have to earn less than U$ 14.83 month or U$ 0.49 per day! Yikes! And China still has 40 million who do not make this much per day?
Hmm, what about all that economic expansion and million dollar toilets and such….

chinadaily excerpt:
” Nationally, there were 40.07 million Chinese living under state poverty level, which was raised to 1,196 yuan ($178) per person per year in 2009, says the white paper titled “Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2009.” In 2009, the state’s input of money for poverty reduction programs in rural areas amounted to 19.73 billion yuan, an increase of 3 billion yuan over the previous year, the white paper says. According to the white paper, the per capita net income of rural residents was 5,153 yuan in 2009, an increase of 8.5 percent over the previous year.”

2 Responses to “Chinese Has Fewer Peolple Below the Poverty Than the USA- WTF?”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    Although 1196 yuan might sound very little (it is!) It’ll get you a *whole* lot further in China than in the USA. E.g. although you probably won’t be able to afford a house on your own, for that money you can eat out every day of the year and have money to spare, while in the US you’d probably won’t last for a week.

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