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Closing of a Business in China- A Sad Day…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 29, 2010

Yes, I hate to report it, but today is a sad day. well, sad for some soul-less owner of a local business. Yes its true, one of the four local ‘massage’ parlor/barbershop/house of ill-repute has closed its doors, lets have a moment of silence….
This post is not to make fun of prostitution of any sort, but bring it to light. Let me say that prostitution is illegal in China, but in front of my place there are about 4 ‘massage’ parlors that are adorned with soft pink lights, supposedly these are the ones that offer special services. So why is this one closed? The real question is why are they allowed to operate? The answer to that is easy, culture, greed and corruption. The answer as to why this specific place has closed its doors while the one to the east of it and 150 yards is open probably falls within the same spectrum of answers, greed, corruption, and probably a greater emphasis on the latter.
The sad thing is that I live in a residential neighborhood, and its not cheap either. But on a nightly basis I see little kids running around and inevitably they scurry past this one ‘massage parlor’, I just wonder what they think, or if they just become immune to it. The really sad thing is that prostitution is found in every country, but usually if its illegal, they try to hide it, make it seem like its an ‘under the table thing’. Not here, not in Beijing, not in China…

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