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Equality in China- Women to Stand To Pee, Just Like the Men

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2010

When I first saw this, I thought the color of the stalls was cool, but then it the article was explained to me. Originally this was posted on the Chinese news, but is now all over the web sites. The idea is that women will use standing urinals just like the men in one certain Chinese town. It sounds odd and unsanitary but is a good idea. The article explained that toilets use a ton of water and by switching to this method, the women are saving a precious resource….It is actually a good idea.

An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.
cool stalls

A female stadning urinal with instruction signs at a college campus in Shaanxi, China.

I am sketchy on the details but I think the women use a cup or something like an oxygen mask to pee into, my friends couldnt explain this part.

Several Chinese university schoolgirls and student representatives testing new standing urinals for females at Shaanxi Normal University in China.

A funnel that allows women to urinate or pee standing up.

I guess this helps the process, but I am unsure.

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