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Million Dollar Condos in China, come and Get ‘em

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2010

These buildings in Beijing are being constructed and will go on sale shortly (maybe they are selling now , I am unsure. ) Anyway, they cost about 80,000RMB per square meter or about
U$ 11,764. This means that most of the apartments in this building will sell for U$1,000,000. The reason is that apartments in China are small, from 40, to 250 meters or so, and if one assumes that most apartments will at least be 85 meters sq. or so, then on the average you will have to drop a million bucks into your digs here. The funny thing is that foreigners dont usually trust the buildings enough to buy them here (I will blog about the poorly constructed new buildings later), and it seems you dont get much square footage for you dollars…

One Response to “Million Dollar Condos in China, come and Get ‘em”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    Of course you have to do your research before buying, but there are several reputable real estate development companies that build high quality buildings. Forget about getting a bargain within the first four ring-roads these days, but you can make a ton of money if you buy smart and do your research!

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