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Things I Miss From America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2010

I will be taking a vacation back to America or sanity as I like to call it, and here are the things I miss most.
Cheese in those cans where you squirt it out (shitty description)
Real milk that doesn’t give me breasts
Chinese food- no kidding we have a great place with killer egg drop soup
Ding Dongs, but the ones with aluminum foil, the ones with the plastic wrap suck
Wired Magazine- yea its online but not the same thing
MIT Technology Review – ditto
Maximum PC mag- ditto
CPU mag- ditto
Football and Reeses
Reeses and Junior Mints
Greasy theaters with buttery popcorn that ravages my arteries
Fresh air
Barnes and Noble
Any store that sells high tech stuff
Denny’s and those killer fat engorged, malts, pancakes, sausages
not worrying about jackbooted thugs beating my ass and throwing me in jail just because I run off my mouth about something…. I mean a certain level of freedom

After reading the list I realize it is a good thing I have afast metabolism, my dietary habits are horrendous, good thing Im not diabetic

6 Responses to “Things I Miss From America”

  1. SherCM said

    Have a safe trip back here and yes, you must live it up and I’m with you on those cheetos and bugles!! Keep posting!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks, I will overinduldge in them and chocolate malts I believe…re safe, I’ll be between NYC and Philly, so safety is a good word. But I do miss it, its always nice to be home. Also, for the time I travel I don’t know if my blogging will increase or decrease, I may have some epiphany’s or just be lazy.

      • SherCM said

        I’m in WNY – and its really an early fall season this time round. When I am away – my one big miss is bagels!!

      • wtdevflnt said

        Thats too cool, I forgot about bagels, actually I haven’t seen any here. I’ll probably spend a few days in NY then off to the Philly area. Have you had their pretzels (philly pretzels) and subs, incredible. Oh yeah, Tasty cakes, the ones with peanut butter and chocolate….Where in NY?

  2. And may I add,
    people who wear deodorant
    medicine bottles you can read and trust
    really good bread
    Mexican food
    oh yeah…

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