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Free market status for China – as In Communist China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 4, 2010

I read about the saga of China and the EU and giving her free market status. Yes China is communist and thus is a prima facie example of a non market country, per the definition of communism so WTF?
The issue is that china is playing two hands on the grill, she wants the best of both worlds vz the freedom and perks of free market status but also the ability to continue her plundering. Of resouces vz the party elite.
So why dint the chicoms just call themselves a dictatorship and get it over with?
The problem is history face and anarchy. When the chicoms took over it was all about not being like the west and dirty capitalists, and in bringing forth this mindset, they killed tens of millions of their own(est reach up to50mm) so to admit or espouse capitalism now would cause chaos’
for instance, all of ny criemds lost family to the chicoms who convinced the masses that communism was good, how would those family members feel to have that same govt now renounce those same principles? ….

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