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Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 6, 2010

I originally took this photo because I thought the kids looked kind of cute.  If you zoom in on the photo to the right, you see a couple of little Chinese one-policy children in those electric vehicles.  I then checked the photo on my laptop and it was kind of spooky, it reminded me of that famous Tian.en.man tank photo pictured.
So I was thinking about how the regime that was in charge when the incident at T.Men occurred is still in power and how spooky that is, so I pulled these two photos together. If you are a deep person, or maybe just think differently , you can see how eerie this proposition is. The juxtaposition of the young kids in their little military vehicles with the Chinese flag, and the adults admiring them or blocking their way as in the original photo.

I think the photo is also telling insofar as the one-child policy kids seem to have their parents at gun point. Oftentimes their behavior is overbearing, and as the families only have one child, they put up with too much, creating a sense of egotistical behavioral patterns in the children.

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