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Shhhhhh- He Got the Nobel Prize in China, But Dont Tell Anyone….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 8, 2010

Some Chinese dissident won the Nobel Peace Prize and the chicoms are pretty upset. Right now I am on vacation so can blog with impunity, but of course will be returning in a bit..
Anyway this man won the prize which is great for him but horrible for China. I cant wait to return and see what they have to say about it. There will be a media blackout, but all of the students and Chinese who live in foreign countries will of course share this information wtih their ‘homeys’…
I think its cool, but believe the whole idea of Obama receiving the same award just a few weeks after he took office (remember it was voted on at that point and the voting body said they were doing it as a ‘vote of confidence’ on what he could do-irrespective of your politics it was a bad decision-imho), have left me with the feeling that the award may be tied to political as opposed to altruistic motives- maybe before I was just ignorant…
anyway, here is a comment from a yahoo board, it is pretty telling about how the Chinese think.
from a yahoo board…
Ru Shengtao, 38, a migrant worker with several large bags of cement strapped on his motorbike, stopped to see what the group was shouting about. He said he’d never heard of Liu and didn’t believe anyone jailed for a crime in China should be receiving an international award for peace.
“If the person who won got it because he opposed the government, then I don’t think it’s good,” he said. “People who defy the Chinese government should not get this prize and if they do, it’s because people overseas are trying to split China.”<—-
With all of the blackouts and media censorship, is it any wonder? For all of it’s human rights abuses, China has taught the world one important lesson: that an iron grip on media – information, knowledge -will indeed keep the populace in the dark long enough for an oppressive agenda to take hold. Not only are the Chinese People being oppressed by their government, many are willingly doing it to themselves, and worse yet, they do not know it.

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