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My Chinese Rabbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

I have a rabbit, an odd pet some may say, but nix to you I say…
Although, I admit, I never thought I would entertain the thought of having such a pet, I have found her to be a good housemate.
The rabbit was given to me by a female friend, she found it to be quite cute and cuddly and then surreptitiously dumped the rabbit at my place, where she has stayed for the past 2.5 years. It was a nice thought, but at first I found it to be an attack on my masculinity, not that I am insecure…. but it is much easier to talk about one’s pet Bulldog, Boxer, Pitbull, rather than ones little bunny….
I have, however, come to reconcile my inner feelings of ‘masculine insecurity’ by telling all that I do own a pet rabbit, but I always seem to couch the term in cool vernacular like “yeah, I have this really cool panda looking rabbit, but of course it was a gift…”
The funny thing is that I have found her ( I think it is a she) to be a wonderful housemate, she’s like a cat, but less needy, and lower maintenance.
For instance, I was gone for about 10 days and merely put down a ton of spinach ( I think that is what it is), and about 5 carrots and maybe 4 apples. When I came back home, I found her none the worse for wear and had not even eaten the carrots nor apples, she actually looked like she had trimmed down some as well (oops). But anyway, I look at her as I look at my Chinese life, at times you just have to go with it, when the world throws you a curve ball, you take it to right field, and when you are given a gift, you accept and love it….

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China’s Hu, Who is Hu?- Fuzzy Leadership in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

China is ruled by a guy named Hu, I guess its like that old Abbot and Costello bit, who’s on first. Anyway, this guy named Hu, is both the president of China, as well as the General Secretary of the Communist Party. The second title is the one that gives him the real power, the power over the military.
The funny thing is that when Hu- as in the president and General Secretary of the Communist Party, visits countries like the US, Europe and such, he is merely called the president of China. But when he visits his ‘homey’s’ like Cuba, and Vietnam, he is called the General Secretary of the Communist Party…. kind of spooky…
I guess it does not matter much as the world seems to be willing to allow them to do as they please and flaunt the laws in their rise, I guess one day Hu will have the confidence to just tell it like it is and call himself the communist leader, irrespective of the country he visits…

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China Fights Brazil During Basketball Game-The China Effect, Will China Ever Change?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

There was trouble with the Chinese mens basketball team and the Brazilian team. From what I have gathered, the Chinese became upset with a missed call and then eventually attacked the Brazilian players (see excerpt below and photos). The game ended with Brazil saying ‘screw you China’ and refusing to play any more. I cant see the video, but I know China. They are like a scared child, or that big kid with mental problems who does not know how to behave himself in public. One on one they are affable, but in a back, their attack bee phermone kicks in, I guess they need numbers to feel confident. Anyway, it is an embarrassment for China that this has happened, but in reality this is just another symptom of how far China is from operating at a world class level.


“Trouble began when a referee’s called a foul by Chinese players – the decision prompted protests by the Chinese players and team coach. Play became rough until finally, open fighting broke out on the court.

Players from both benches joined in the melee of players throwing kicks and punches at each other.Play was stopped and the teams separated – but China’s players then attacked the Brazilians on their way to the locker room.

The Brazilians refused to consider any return to play.Both teams – including several wounded and at least one Chinese player in a neck-brace – returned to Beijing from the central city of Xuchang on Wednesday.China’s players will made to attend classes on good sportsmanship; some players will be penalised.

Brazilian tags a Chinaman with a right cross…

Zhang Zhaoxu's face deformed by a hit.


China leaves in disgrace,

A Chinese national men's basketball player is escorted off the court by security.

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China Aims at Talks to Disarm Taiwan…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

Taiwan, China, is it Taiwan China, or Taiwan and China…
The question for Chinese is the latter, as in Taiwan is a renegade Chinese province, and this matter cannot be discussed in China. The funny thing is that Taiwan is armed to the teeth and China also has many many many missiles pointed at Taiwan, whom China considers to be theirs. Apparently China will not feel complete or resurrected vz their century of humiliation until Taiwan is returned to them. Thus, as the excerpt below shows, China is trying to get Taiwan to disarm. This move will anger many of the surrounding countries and see it as one more move of the Chinese in strengthening their military presence in the area. After all, if Taiwan is armed, then they are potentially an ally against Chinese aggression. Arms sales to all countries in the region have increased as they fear a Chinese military buildup. I live here so must keep mum on this issue, but if one is pretty bright, they can understand my position…
“”We advocate conducting contacts and exchanges on military issues, including the cross-Straits military deployment issue, in a proper way at a proper time,” Yang Yi, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, told a regular news briefing in Beijing.
He told reporters that Beijing wanted to “probe establishing a cross-Straits military security mutual trust mechanism to help stabilize the situation in the Taiwan Straits and ease military security concerns”. Yang made the offer after Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou on Sunday called on the mainland to remove its military deployment against the island.

In response to Yang’s remarks, Taiwan “premier” Wu Den-yih told the island’s legislature that the time is not yet right to discuss disarmament because the two sides need to develop more trust.

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Those Crazy Communists…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

The owner of a great blog here, Sent a message that the Chinese are not the only one’s who imprison their Nobel Peace Prize winners, after all, the long time vicar of hu.man ri.ghts and friend of China Burma/Myanmar has done the same, link here…

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China’s Communist Party, Sneaking its Way into the World

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

Here is a quote from the book, The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers, by Richard McGregor..”The Party is like God,” a professor from People’s University in Beijing tells McGregor. “He is everywhere. You just can’t see him”

This pretty much sums up the new China. Over 80% of all billionaires in China are communists or their kids and over 90% of all millionaires are communist members or their kids, but no one knows it.Its safe to say that the Chinese communist party controls almost everything going on here. If you leave the country and switch nationalities then you are pretty much safe, if not, you will kow tow to the party at some point.
The party is very secretive, even to the Chinese, they have no idea what the real plans of the communist party are. Maybe that is one reason that so many of them flock to foreign countries, its quite spooky. Even my friends who belong to the party will say nothing about it…

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Good China Link

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

Here is a link of a China video. It was sent by someone who really understands these people, she spent a little time there and seems to have them dialed in. I dont have the context for the video, but I trust her judgment, so take a look and let me know.

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Marriage and Life in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

I know a woman whose dad is in the communist party, I guess he has a good position. Her mom married him not out of love but because she was his employee and I guess was sick of the drudgery of work. Once they got married they had their kid and not much else, and supposedly no love. The mom now lives with the daughter, the mom counsels her on life, love and to marry for money, she said that there is no such thing as love. The daughter blames it on the cultural revolution, when her folks got married….I just blame it on China….

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Stream of Consciousness China Journey

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

I’m still a little burnt from the return trip and owe you a great story about my flight home, but first here are images of my return flight to China. I will just write, not worry about punctuation etc.. you help me out, stay with me…

crowded O’hare airport, tons of Chinese milling around, looks of resignation, frustration, raw nerves. Dont want to leave the land of milk and honey, afraid to overstay their visas, worried that someone will snatch their Coach bags, retail 1000U$ in China, outlet price 130U$ in the States. Dreading the idea of having to drink contaminated milk, pollution and being just another of 1, 387,000,000 people… how to leverage their US trip, anything to be different,
nelly chinese dude, very effeminate cant wait to get home where his behavior patterns are normal, in the US draw derision, androgynous chinese 40 something ladies, wound way too tight, happy to return, dont like the freedom of the US, need to feel the whip of the Party, the type who tell on you in grade school for letting someone cheat off of you.
Nervous, 50 something couple, first trip to china, lady is Vietnamese, guy from US, hiding their fear, asking about the food, do they eat dogs and cats- sure do, will the government, beat them- maybe, depends on if you blog, or talk about Ti. bet…
businessmen dreading the trip…
Counter help swamped and dreading it, crooked toothed chinese mashing their tickets in the face of agents, not understanding English and then angry, mobs of people asking the same question, agents call them off, say that San Francisco and then San Jose will board, Beijing is third. Chinese pay no heed, hoards of humanity, in ill-fitting cheap clothing, men with pants pulled up to their nipples, chinese couples grinning like fools as they do that idiotic stretching regiment that they all do before during and after a flight.
Crescendo of panic, anxiety as the time draws near, chinese rush to the gate ignore the rules, slamming fists into counters, ticket stubs in hand, reeking of garlic and despair.
Me waiting, dreading my seat assignment, middle row, trapped amidst a mass of Chinese housewives, businessmen, kids, I will do anything to catch the next flight. Spanish ticket agent doing her best to calm them, i feel for her, them yelling, making a scene, her scolding the andro woman, the lady acts as if she feels remorse, but doesn’t. the line thins out, the Chinese are going home, they drag their feet, cast long glances at the landscape they are leaving, they know what is ahead, dread the air, the oppression, but can do little.
Counter help apologizing to me, but I must board the flight, cant give my seat to the lady who needs it,… all the agents ever so happy that the Chinese have left, the waiting area now a mess of raman wrappers, banana peels, the staff just shaking their heads wondering if this is our future, this rise of the dragon, what does it mean to life as we know it.

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Be Afraid of China…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2010

“Hide your brightness, bide your time”
-Deng Xiao Ping

Deng was one of China’s leaders after Mao kicked the bucket and this is what he said. The Chinese have taken this to heart for the most part. Fiscally, they are buying our debt, purchasing companies and smiling at us the whole time. While we saunter home with our made in China garbage, they are laughing all the way to the bank. One thing that I have learned here is that China is not our friend (economically).

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