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Photo from My Chinese Rickshaw Ride

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

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Chinese Subway Scrub Women

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

I boogged this before. These old ladies never seem to make any progress on these stairs, they seem to clean the same ones. So this morning when I saw them practically in the same spot, doing more jaw-boning then cleaning, I had to smile.

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New and Improved Blog Rules Version 4.3

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

justeasyfun-compic from justeasyfun.com

William Thames, Now just a visitor to purgatory-China… but still blogging about the trauma of life there

making his way across southern China now, stay tuned.

I had posted my blog rules a while ago and decided to change them. The old ones can be found here. Now, for the new and improved version…This site gives and irreverent and sometimes crude view of living and working all over China. It is not one of those ‘yippe yippe, look at how great China is’ sites. If you want that go here or here.In this site for the low low price of nothing, you get to hear me use potty mouth words and denigrate China, or treat it with the respect it deserves. For this same price, you get to hear Gowron, aka The King, share his China insights and use the politically incorrect term for coitus quite often. You will also hear the words of the ‘soothsayer of the midwest’ aka Brewskie, who manages to comment on China without being nearly as crude as the other two humble authors.You will read and see things that you never thought were possible in civilization, because they are not. China, as it stands today, does not, for the most part meet that definition-imho. If any of this is disconcerting to you then please stick your head back in the sand and run from this blog.. Winning The Day Oh yeah click here to go to a site where you can buy goods not made in China….or you can search to buy here too

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I Communist

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

This is a photo of my beloved pet rabbit, the pimp Panda chinese rabbit, which was a gift and I really didnt buy her but kind of had to keep her (related to article below about my rabbit)…Oh yeah btw,,, I really think I have ADD, so I will oftentimes end thoughts without warning you because I have grown bored with the subject at hand. In addition, before going to work I will have about 6 different awesome blog post ideas, none of which make it out of my scattered mind because I just dont know where to begin or have lost passion for them, so be forewarned…oh, and I usually am passionate about what i write so dont worry about typing, punctuation and the like, I have to do that for my day job, so on this blog just like to relax, (just an fyi) now where was I…. ah yes the rabbit.
Ok, I am back now, to China and bored, the US was a little too sane for me and I miss work, the subway, ingesting NOX emissions on my way to work and quaffing toxic milk, so I got to thinking. Thinking is a good thing to do when bored, and much better than working, so I did it. My thoughts fell upon my rabbit and china and it hit me, in my relationship with my rabbit, I am a communist, I am China… not convinced, well read on…
How I am like a communist with my rabbit:
-I impose martial law on her whenever I wish. If I need her to go to bed, I grab a broom, of which she is terrified, and she flies to her living quarters
-I control the thermostat in her home, as the chicoms do mine in the winter
-I do not allow her to leave her home, after all it is a big scary world out there and if she leaves, she may pick up bad habits, much better to ‘shelter her’ her, to ‘protect her’ from all of the evil that lies beyond the doors
-she has no access to information other than what I feed her, no net, and only TV that I watch
-as she doesnt leave my house, she has no idea of what the outside world is like other than the random smells she obtains from my person and clothing- I am her filter to the reality beyond my doors
-she is totally ignorant of how to live without my assistance (Chinese are really like this, they are incapable of thinking for themselves till they reach the age of 40 or so), she would not be able to survive in that cold cruel world without me, much like a chinaman, she would bang into elevator and subway doors, run in front of cars, fall going down stairs etc.
-she is not allowed to talk back to me or to countermand my orders (ie. biting) and if she does, she faces house arrest (goes to her room)
-I shelter her from foreign guests whom I have not carefully screened, I would hate to have her little mind poisoned
-I treat her like a child,
But in reality, its out of love, just would hate to see anything happen to her- and maybe that is what Charlie Chicom is thinking too… but maybe in the farmost recesses of her little rabbit mind, if she could blog, the name of her little blog would be
“Understanding my horrible 2-legged Captor Who Refuses to Treat Me Like an Adult- One Bad Deed at a Time…”

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Nanowrimo it is – WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

There is a great blog I follow here. And in it, she says that there is a contest to write a book or a novel in a month. The goal is 50 000 word in 30 days, like 1600 per day for a month. I am signing up, the way I see it, if I can b%^tch about China for about ten posts per day, maybe I can do something useful like doing a novel….
The information about the event is here…

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The Vatican “Just Says No” to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

The Vatican has no diplomatic ties with China. The reason is that the communist party does not allow Bishops to be chose by the Vatican, as they do in all other countries. I guess the chicoms feel they are better able to understand one’s closeness to God…

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Chinese Innovation or Just Plain Lazy?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 14, 2010

I took this photo a while ago, dont know if I’ve posted it before. But in this photo , the lady here is ‘sweeping’ or cleaning the outside of the escalator. If you look closely you will see that she is holding a broom and ‘cleaning the outer edge’ of the thing. I was bored, ( I think its an ADD thing), so I followed her, up and down she went holding the broom and leaning on the railing like Quasimodo at the tower of Notre Dame, and up and down I went, right behind her. She was oblivious to me, but I was fascinated. I guess when you have over 1, 300, 000, 000 people, you have to devise work just to keep them employed, then again she could just be a lazy ass…

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