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ADD thought-Wild Kingdom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2010

Does anyone remember the show “Wild Kingdom” by the Mutual of Omaha? It was a pretty cool show with some old man with a grey beard who circled overhead in a helicopter and commanded his swarthy underling to go forth in some unheard of jungles and engage savage beasts of prey in the wild, all in the name of research. It was a show I always watched as a young kid. (This is an ADD post as I was going to link this to China, but am now bored with the subject matter).

One Response to “ADD thought-Wild Kingdom”

  1. SherCM said

    They are still playing it late night when there is nothing on the tv stations and esepcially on Animal Planet channel… I can still hear the commentators voice… leading into the show… ‘brought to you by Mutual of Omaha’ 😛

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