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Happy Post from China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2010

I have gotten a few remarks about the fact that it would be nice to hear some of the more compelling reasons for living in China or why I continue to stay.. (actually I have a good comment of this sort but for some reason I have to accept many of he comments posted to my site ((I dont know why)) which means I have to log in to my account etc. which is kind of a pain. I usually just blog by email..)
So… I will attempt to post some happy blogs at times instead of my typical vitriolic, cynical fare…
Ok then, what I like about China or why I stay… umm… well. uh…. scratching my head… because I have a job, does this count? hahahahahahhah just me being an a$$hole…
But really, here is an example of the good of China.
Yesterday I went to eat with some associates, due to the quid-pro-quo nature of he relationship, I am hesitant to call them friends per my definition. We went to a good restaurant, as we are in China and all restaurants in China are good.
The Chinese are actually very good hosts, especially during meals. They can be quite engaging and if they possess an open mind, can be charismatic. Another thing that you will find when you come , and you should is that they will watch your every move. You may feel to be a bit unsettling, but in the end some good may come of it. For instance, I had not eaten with this group for a period of months, yet when we sat down to break bread they remember the exact food i had ordered last time and if I had liked it or not. At my work they do this as well. They will commit your favorites and least favs to memory and then order them each and every time you go to dine with them. That to me is pretty cool. as I cant even remember what I ate when I went to the US last week, apart from Wa-Wa- hotdogs and other frankfurters at the Philly airport from a company with a poly-syllabic name. So, when you come, rest assured that they will take care of you.

One Response to “Happy Post from China”

  1. “We went to a good restaurant, as we are in China and all restaurants in China are good.” ROFL I love it!!!

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