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Profile of the Chinese Communist Party Membership

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 17, 2010

From the Chinadaily, here is some interesting information about the Chinese communist party. Check out the level of education, it says that only 35.7% of all party members have a college education or higher-wtf? And it does not say undergrad degree, so basically it would appear that even if you had a few semesters at the local juco you could be part of the group that governs China????

chinadaily excerpt:
By the end of 2009, Chinese Communist Party has 77.995 million members, a 2.065 million increase over the last year. Among these members, females (16.94 million) share 21.7% of total CPC members; Ethnic minority members (5.13 millions) share 6.6%. 35.7% of CPC members (27.87 million) have college or higher education background. Total number of CPC branches (grass-roots branches are called zhi’bu in Chinese) 3.374 million”

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