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Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 19, 2010

I have been able to access and accept almost all the comments I think, I dont know why I need to moderate some, but I do. The problem is that my site and wordpress.com are being flaky now. So, I have had some comments lingering in limbo.

This one, which a a good one, I think, is being stubborn and I cannot accept it, so it will not appear. For the last 20 minutes I have been banging on the accept button but to no avail- at least I think, the site wont come up so I cannot tell. But anyway here is a comment about my I love Beijing post

“I had to double check the calendar as I was reading this post and make sure I hadn’t slept thru to April 1. You’ve made no bones or apologies for maintaining a highly critical blog, but I must say, this was a refreshing post to read. Your one of the more prolific bloggers and I’ve found myself nodding in agreement and laughing with many of your observations in the past, but I’ve also found myself wondering why you are even in china. I think occasional posts like this one help paint a more realistic picture of how you see china and why you continue to endure her.”

back to me now….
I had a pithy response all set but lost enthusiasm due to the fact I wasted 20 minutes trying to accept the thing, but rest assured I hear ya, and will tried to bring out happy Billy, more often, and thanks for the input!!!

oh yeah, I will wait to reply to your comments but thanks all, Joel, Bill, Sher, Amy , Stepen, hopfrog, and anyone else whom I may have forgotten for your comments.

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