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Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 21, 2010

Ok its a new day and happy Bill is not around anymore, I think he may be out enjoying the city as we speak. So now I am thinking about my blog and decided to start off the day with some self-flagellation.
Obeservation 1- I blog a lot! I mean a ton, as in, if I were you I would be thinking, “Damn this guy blogs a lot, does he have a job? What does he do, hole up in a bunker all day and think of ways to besmirch the Chinese…(actually I do have a job and ((digression alert)) have been extremely productive in China, I have a theory as to why. The short answer is that in places like Sao Paolo, NYC or Chicago, its hard to get things done, too many distractions but here, what else is there to do…)
Observation 2-related to 1…
As I blog a lot, I do little to no editing or rechecking my posts which can lead even me your humble author, to be confused by many posts I write. For instance, the sticky post above now seems to me to be quite wordy and repetitive, but when I first did it, I thought it was a stroke of genius.
Thus, I would like to commend you, the readers of this blog for your mental dexterity in understanding me. For instance, when I re-read a post, I remember the context etc. and you, lacking that context have to oftentimes scratch your heads and wonder just what ancient Chinese herbal medicines I have been taking. So in summary I would like to close by saying that I love you all and would like one day to join hands and sing kumbaya…

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