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Things I will Never Understand About the Chinese Part 3

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2010

Here are some more things I dont get about China:

-why they feel the top of the steps or the opening to the door, or the very spot which permits passage to the rest of the world is the opportune spot to STOP and converse!
-fail to realize that subways by nature are jerky machines , and if one does not grab onto the handle then yes, one will be tossed about like a rag doll and bang into the rest of us and be looked upon with contempt or anger
-understand that cell phones are a replacement for screeching at the top of one’s lungs when speaking to another

(and like I said before, yeah I get the whole idea that they have a ton of people so the incidence of such things is higher and yeah they are poor so they are less educated, but I’ve lived in some poor places and by my reckoning, they still are way worse than any country I have see- ie. I really dont ever remember seeing kids urinate in the streets with their folks standing by).

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