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What I Will Never Understand About Chinese Part 1

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2010

You may have to have lived here to get this, but anyone tell me if I am off the mark…

Here are some things I will never understand about China:
-why Chinese ladies wear those old ball caps and pull them down over their ears making them appear quite odd
-why they cannot seem to get the hang of clambering up and going down stairs, is it just me or do they fall quite a bit
-seem to vomit quite a bit in public
-cannot understand that electric doors, be they subway or elevator, can and will close with your fingers, nose, hair, bags, luggage and such in them when you attempt to board the elevator or subway at the last moment
-cannot time their subway entrance such that they always seem to hurdle at the subway doors when they are closing and then bash into them and bounce off
-cannot understand that no matter how fast you run at a subway door, once its closed, its closed and no look of frustration/anger/anxiety will change this….

(and no its not a population thing, just because they have 22% of the worlds pop. its no excuse)

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