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What I will Never Understand About the Chinese Part 2

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2010

Here is part 2 of the things that I find most confusing about Chinese people:
I cant understand
-how they screech into cell phones seemingly unaware that it does no good vz the quality of the call, but annoys the heck out of the rest of us
-can pick their nose openly on the subway as if they were in their own little universe with no sense of shame
-cannot understand that one arrow button is for going up in the elevator and one is for going down. If you look before the doors open, the elevator will tell you if its going up or down thus alleviating their constant need to enter the wrong elevator
-fear of escalators, they seem to want to leap from them as it approaches the last few feet
-fear or ignorance of almost all electrical equipment, minus cell phones
-why do they take 15 minutes to order something as simple as a glass of tea
-why they dont walk the extra ten feet to use a public toilet

(and no its not a population thing, just because they have 22% of the worlds pop. its no excuse)

5 Responses to “What I will Never Understand About the Chinese Part 2”

  1. SherCM said

    The cell phone bit happens not only in China but it follows them wherever they go in the world. No sense of inside/outside or phone conversation voice. They are always screaming on one end and all conversations seems to be like picking a fight!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Hahahah inside outside voice, they dont even have an inside outside toilet….opps. But Yeah, on my trip this week it was more evident than usual. Especially in the planes when they land. The Chinese whip out either the newest Iphone and flash it around, or a turn of the millennium model thats as big as a shoe and begin to bang on the buttons and holler.

  2. nulle said

    general laziness in the part of PRC ppl. China people tend to have this sense of superiority (and sense of entitlement) compared to the rest of us..

    china people traveling demand things that isn’t the norm for other citizens of the world (ie. EU: demanding hot water pots, ability to spit whereever they want)

    oh yeah, china people tend to be loud mouths whereever they go…seem to lack respect of others…

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