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Airport in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 25, 2010

I’m at the airport and just hanging out. I will describe what I see to you,… bring you into my world.
Ok, I am in Chongqing and its reputed to have the hottest chicks in China. I’m on some free device from which to access the net. To my left is a young Chinese lady, she’s an assh**LE. I went to guy a coke and she pushes next to me, shoves her cash in the face of the cashier while I was in the middle of paying. In Chinese I told her to wait just as I did. She thinks she’s hot but isnt, but she is thin. Some 50 year old businessmen just sallied up next to her, I guess they are thinking of a quickie before having to face their wives back home-hoping she is a KTV lady is what I mean. She is being cool to them or playing it coy, I am not sure.
In front of me is some Chinese guy who has they weird attitude like “hey I own a car, so Respect My Authoritayyyy”. In China no one owns a car (4% do) so if you have one, you are the man…He is the kind of guy who constantly was given snuggies back in the states, in China he was probably popular.
In front of him is a woman, she is bored and also surfing the net. The place where I am is called the leiseure restaurant, and if you buy food you get free net access. The place has about 7 or 8 workers and they all have cleansed my table within the past 7 minutes. They practice their English and say ‘hallo’.
This airport has some cheeseball shops that sell overpriced goods. I wouldnt trust one of them to sell authentic good, but may buy some chocolate. To my right are three old ladies, but then again remember in China everyone over 30looks old. They are chewing some freaking seeds that all Chinese chew, i have no idea what they are. They are spitting the hulls on the floor.
Ok I am bored now and my wrists hurt, so I may end this post…

Ok, just did a spell check and all is good, I think. The older guys have given up on the chick, shes throwing her hair arouind, between them, the poor guys probably have a total of 40 hair follicles, but are probably good guys. the probably just got wined and dined, had some ‘massages’, good food and then entered into a long term contract filled with loop holes that the local Chinese will clean their clocks with….

I love china

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