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Chinese Eating on Airplanes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 25, 2010

Yesterday I flew back and so was stuck on a full plane as usual. In all honesty, for once the Chinese behaved themselves and it really felt as if I were in civilization. (Caveat, there were a few people who disobeyed the rule of not standing before we reach the gate so they could grab their stuff and the man-stewardess came up to them and was upset, but I digress)
So, finding nothing to pick at, I was forced to civil thoughts and had none. Then the stewardesses came around with a ‘snack’. This is China and it is almost impossible to get a bad meal, but a bad snack…
They bring around this big boxes that look like you could fit 2 size 12 loafers in them, just to get you all excited. I was hungry and was looking forward to some Chinese yumyum, but nay. Inside the big box was nothing but some type of red muffin that tasted like offal, and I roll with no butter. Along side that was one of those little mini-oranges and some crunchy brown thing that looked like a fossilized roach. I dumped the box upside down and peered inside for more, but found nothing. I stuffed all the crap back in the box and fumed. Then I noticed that on this flight of about 130 passengers only yours truly was not eating. The woman next to me was like Kobayashi hoovering up all that was in her path, the rest of the patrons too, seemed to consider this to be the best food that mankind could provide. I am thinking you tight-assed people, you can get some great snacks anywhere in Beijing for less than a1U$ , what are you thinking. Then the ‘help me stewardess’ lights start to flick on as these people ask for seconds. I guess to them they consider it like a buffet and try to stick as much into their gaping maws as possible before landing, after all house prices are climbing and they’d hate to actually spend cash on food…
I grabbed my bag and unwrapped my delicious huge Milky candy bar that I had purchased in Chongqing and began to chew with my mouth open and exhale , I covered myself in a delicious chocolate hazy fog. I figured if they were so crazy to eat, I’d really give them something to think about……..entertainment like this you cant get back home….

One Response to “Chinese Eating on Airplanes”

  1. SherCM said

    I love this entry!~! I remembered on my flight from Beijing to Jinan – I had some bao dumped on my lap for snacks. Firstly, no one should have any kind of thing dumped on their laps, secondly, I inquired with the air steward what is it as in what is the filling? He looked and me and just moved on to continue dumping more baos on the other passengers lap – of course if you were a outsider like me, it would be dumped on your lap but for the locals, they had their hands out and were all ready and eagerly awaiting the drop of the bao. Needless to say as he came back I told him thank but no thanks and took that bao back. Meanwhile everyone around me was stuffing the bao in their mouths like this is their first meal for some time now. Mystery filling of the bao aside, one lady from across the aisle from me gave me the most disapproving look for refusing the bao. Really??!! Then you should have asked for my bao!!!!!

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