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Get Some Ballz in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 25, 2010

Im happy because I am traveling. Today I will leave and go back to the big mean city, but this is a post about the good of China, and the good often times comes from the simple things in life.
The city in which I currently am is part of Chongqing and called Yong Chuan, I think. Anyway, like I said, the place is great, it has none of the political bs of the big cities and you wont be swamped by all the noveau riche chinese trying to show you that they are not so backwards, and actually know things. In a city like this, people take you as you are, and you do likewise.
Also the prices are great:
food for 8 maybe 35U$ including alcohol
snacks 0.5U$
noodles and beef U$1
taxi ten minute drive U$ 0.7
true massage 90 minutes U$10

So get some balls, forget Shanhai or Beijing, if you really want to know China, spin a map and point, then go to that place. I bet you will have a lot more fun if you travel that way. The reason is that you will get some ace photos and meet some cool pictures. I mean do you want to have all of the same old stale photos of tian.en.man and the Great Wall?

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