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Adorable in China-Chinese Rabbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 28, 2010

6 Responses to “Adorable in China-Chinese Rabbit”

  1. SherCM said

    Tutu TOO Cute!!

  2. Amy said

    TU TU!!!!!!! I love her! I see Sherene already commented- ha ha she beat me to it!

    • wtdevflnt said

      Haha, tonight I will send one of her glamour shots, looks like she is mugging for the camera!

      • Amy said

        She’s fabulous!

        BTW, Sherene and I work together, so one or the other of us is always talking about your blog posts on a daily basis. One of my best friends also lives in Beijing so it’s fun to get another perspective on it. And yes, we all love the snarky posts!

      • Amy said

        Sorry, not to say you’re being snarky, just to say that the honest observations of the ridiculousness are quite enjoyable! 😉

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