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Chinese Billionaires

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

I was going to post about this, the fact that China is number 2 in terms of billionaires and that the number has increased dramatically and that imho the reasons are basically corruption etc.. but I think that if you have read any of this blog you would get that by now and if you havent then shame on you, just do some research…….

(I am tired, gotta work in the morning, will be late, so am in a little bit of a $h&tty mood)- I love China???

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Elegant Chinese Rabbit….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

She’s got charm…

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Ever Wonder How That Chinese Guy Got Such a High Test Score- Maybe He’d Seen The Test Before

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

Here is a good piece and it makes sense to me. Many Chinese are bright and many just get scores the old fashioned way, they cheat. But to me this really speaks to the China effect. In the post below, it was found that the Chinese were ‘incorrectly’ given a GRE exam that had key sections that had been used on old tests and thus presumably part of the study material. I may just be jaded, but after going to school here and being part of academia, I am not surprised. Although this has happened in other countries, when it happens in China you have to wonder. China has a history of stealing tests, sending people in to tests to leave then text answers back to participants and such. I feel no empathy for them in this instance.

“Oops, We’ve Given That Test Before”

ETS finds that GRE it administered in China this month featured key sections that had been given before, and cancels all scores from that country.
Oops, We’ve Given That Test Before
October 29, 2010

The Educational Testing Service is canceling all scores on the Graduate Record Examination from China this month because large portions of the test had been used in previous administrations of the exam.
While testing companies periodically have to cancel scores when a testing center makes an error or gives an incorrect version of a test, making an error throughout China has major ramifications. About 24,000 test takers — most of them likely applicants to graduate schools in the United States — took the GRE this month in China.
According to an ETS spokesman, both the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE used in China were repeats of previous administrations and thus were not intended for further use in China. Only tests given in China had the problem.
ETS representatives in China have posted — in English and Chinese — information about the problem and have pledged to contact all test takers in the country by Saturday to inform them. They will be given the options of taking a make-up test Nov. 20, taking the test at a regularly scheduled time in June, or receiving a full refund. The statement posted in China says that “ETS regrets that this isolated incident occurred and is taking steps to ensure against a similar occurrence in the future.”
According to the ETS spokesman in the United States, the process of informing test takers of the news “seems to be going smoothly.”
Not everyone is convinced. Robert Schaeffer, public education director of the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, which is a longstanding critic of standardized testing and ETS, said that his group has received e-mail from test takers in China discussing “widespread” anger and indicating that “some students are seeking help to initiate legal action” because of the canceled scores. Schaeffer said he agreed that the use of previously used tests would have given “a huge advantage” to those familiar with the questions used earlier.
And he said that there is a broader pattern that needs scrutiny. He noted that an ETS subsidiary in India last year experienced major problems with an administration of the GRE in which thousands of students were unable to take the exam on the days for which they were scheduled. At the time, the Indian press was full of reports on student frustration. In both India and China, many students travel to take the exams and undergo grueling test-preparation programs.

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Working in China Part 2

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

Ok, so now you have battled the crowds at every step of the way to come to work at China, what happens next, you may ask…

You walk down the hall, in front of you one of two scenarios will play out.
1- the boss or ‘leader’ as they call him in China is there
2- the boss or ‘leader’ is absent

If the ‘leader’ is in then the place will be a hive of ativity. When the leader is in there are never enough pencils to be sharpened and flat surfaces to be scrubbed. The lower echelon employees will be particularly busy and will practically run from place to place all in order to show the leader that when the ax falls and someone needs to be cut, it will not be them.
The leader will be given coffee or tea and will languish in his corner office (I use the term ‘his’ as bosses in China are men). The boss will have an overly aggressive and arrogant manner and own a car, a bigger car then the lesser employees. The man will have dyed black hair and glasses, these are a must. He will have a slight paunch and look about 14 years older than his true age.
When he passes, you can see the employees practically genuflect, once in his office they breathe a collective sigh of relief and go back to chatting on QQ.
The boss soon becomes bored with whatever it is that Chinese bosses do, and will begin to wander the office. The collective will shake their heads, close their QQ chat boxes and begin to shuffle papers (they still use a ton of papers in China). As the boss approaches, the minions still bent over in homage will smile like school girls all the while nodding and saying yes yes yes.
The leader, once satisfied that the minions have not change and no upheaval seems eminent will begin to smoke in his office and call in his underlings one by one. The minions resume their qq chats with discrete looks saying, when does that a$$hole leave..
This farce is carried on over the course of 3 to four hours and then lunch is called.
With pasted on smiles of insincerity, the Chinese flock together to see if the leader will join them at lunch. The man says yes, a collective $hit can be heard, but all of the lemmings sprint to pull on their stocking caps, cheap poly jackets and knockoff handbags.
They wait while the important man makes phone calls oblivious to the shouts of hunger pangs issuing from their collective bellies. At the appointed hour the great man, who typically is no taller than a 12 year old in the US then leads the bevy of quails off to eat…

ok i am bored, will do more with this later…

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How to get rich in China…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

China has just stated that over 40 newly minted Chinese billionaires have joined the already large ranks of Chinese who hold that title. If that is what makes them happy then good for them. But I still think that it is crazy that in china, in order to be a billionaire you have to be the child of a communist party member, or be one yourself. Is it just me or is it crazy that ‘civil servants’, (wrong term for the people here), can amass hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. Does this not, on the face of it just seem odd?

And if you arent directly in the government, then you should be in bed with them. Look at this excerpt from the chinadaily, by forcing out Google (you can argue the use of the term force out, but think about it… I will reply below)

The Chinese have allowed the owner of Baidu, the Chinese Google knockoff , to double his wealth in one year. “Robin Li, co-founder of search engine Baidu Inc…with $7.2 billion…The 42-year-old Li’s estimated fortune has nearly doubled in the past year thanks to… population of Internet users. Google shut down its mainland search service, and shares of Baidu soared 143 percent in the past year”

You can argue that Google decided to leave, but think about it, in China competition is never fair. For instance, the Baidu search engine allows one to play copy written music and movies for free, all in violation of international law, but no one says a thing, how fair is this..Also, look at Twitter and Youtube, we cannot access them and many blogs as well. What china is doing, is creating this nice little protective barrier against foreign barbarian companies, and we all play along. We smile, and say that hey, they are just developing and they need all the help they can get. In the end we allow it so we are fools…

I’m hungry I need some beijing noodles.

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Angry Chinese Rabbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

My rabbit, or the rabbit/hare who resides in my home is angry, she doesn’t say it but I can tell. They say that when a rabbit turns her tail to you that they are pissed and mine is upset lately. The issue, I think, is the cold, my place is freezing.
My rabbit looks at me like “hey dumbass, can you turn on some heat?”
I look at her like “hey its your country, you were born here, so you are Chinese and anyway the chicoms are the ones to determine when the heat goes on, I’m cold too.”
She looks like “buy a space heater.”
I look like “here in china, it’d probably explode. You’d chew the cord anyway, rendering it useless.”
she turns her tail on me in the rabbit way of saying “whatever.”
Typicaly Chinese always blaming someone else.

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