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Angry Chinese Rabbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

My rabbit, or the rabbit/hare who resides in my home is angry, she doesn’t say it but I can tell. They say that when a rabbit turns her tail to you that they are pissed and mine is upset lately. The issue, I think, is the cold, my place is freezing.
My rabbit looks at me like “hey dumbass, can you turn on some heat?”
I look at her like “hey its your country, you were born here, so you are Chinese and anyway the chicoms are the ones to determine when the heat goes on, I’m cold too.”
She looks like “buy a space heater.”
I look like “here in china, it’d probably explode. You’d chew the cord anyway, rendering it useless.”
she turns her tail on me in the rabbit way of saying “whatever.”
Typicaly Chinese always blaming someone else.

One Response to “Angry Chinese Rabbit”

  1. SherCM said

    Muahaha…. so true!! We don’t want a ‘fried’ Tutu in any means!

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