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How to get rich in China…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2010

China has just stated that over 40 newly minted Chinese billionaires have joined the already large ranks of Chinese who hold that title. If that is what makes them happy then good for them. But I still think that it is crazy that in china, in order to be a billionaire you have to be the child of a communist party member, or be one yourself. Is it just me or is it crazy that ‘civil servants’, (wrong term for the people here), can amass hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. Does this not, on the face of it just seem odd?

And if you arent directly in the government, then you should be in bed with them. Look at this excerpt from the chinadaily, by forcing out Google (you can argue the use of the term force out, but think about it… I will reply below)

The Chinese have allowed the owner of Baidu, the Chinese Google knockoff , to double his wealth in one year. “Robin Li, co-founder of search engine Baidu Inc…with $7.2 billion…The 42-year-old Li’s estimated fortune has nearly doubled in the past year thanks to… population of Internet users. Google shut down its mainland search service, and shares of Baidu soared 143 percent in the past year”

You can argue that Google decided to leave, but think about it, in China competition is never fair. For instance, the Baidu search engine allows one to play copy written music and movies for free, all in violation of international law, but no one says a thing, how fair is this..Also, look at Twitter and Youtube, we cannot access them and many blogs as well. What china is doing, is creating this nice little protective barrier against foreign barbarian companies, and we all play along. We smile, and say that hey, they are just developing and they need all the help they can get. In the end we allow it so we are fools…

I’m hungry I need some beijing noodles.

2 Responses to “How to get rich in China…”

  1. Very well said. Enjoy your noodles.

  2. SherCM said

    Robin is an alum from my university – of course all prospective applicants wants to be just like him!

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