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Parabems Brasil!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

Brazil elected their first female president, which is cool (I wish we had done something similar). The lady was jailed by the ex-dictatorial regime in her country, but now she can make a change- hopefull. My hat goes off to here and the wonderful country of Brazil.

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I Second That Motion, Americans Dont Be Hypocrites

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

Here is an excellent post about a small American company potentially losing jobs to the Chinese. Its based upon an article here,

The article is about a company in New Jersey that makes uniforms for the Girl Scouts of America. The owner of the company cannot compete with the Chinese on price and if he loses this bid he may go under. The author of the blog post I referenced made some good points. In essence she said if you want to have jobs stay in America (and imho, live like an American) then pay American prices.
What I have learned while living in China is that we Americans and westerners are not really lazy, so dont give that idea that ‘its just another greedy American company” or those lazy union laborers etc. The bottom line is the Chinese have lower prices, but consider that they obey no laws, copyright or other. The typical Chinaman is given only 2-3 days off per month. The typical worker works around 12 hours per day. Taking all of this into consideration I have to wonder just wtf they are doing with all their time. Can you imagine if all those American or German scientists dedicated so much time to inventing things, we’d probably have cold fusion.
So use your heads, read her post, forward it, or do something to make a change…have you thought about reducing your “china footprint” today?

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Chinese Outcasts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

These guys are normal manual laborers in China. (the guys with the large sacks slung over their shoulders). They are poor , as in super poor. The monied Chinese despise them, think they are like pollution obstructing the view of their country. These guys usually speak their own dialect and are illiterate, but to me deep down inside are much better than 80% of the other Chinese I meet.

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Chinese Traffic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

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I thought The Chinese Were Good at Math- Where are The Other Two?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

I went to this building the other day and took the stairs from the 16 to the 9 floor.But remember, this is China so anytihng can happen. So while taking the stairs, I noticed this. Apparently in chinese monkey math, the 15th floor perches upon the 12th and not the 14…
And its true, the signs were not mismarked.

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Why Do Chinese Do That?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

Did you ever notice how Chinese will post comments on English language sites and claim to be from the west. They will then give an opinion about chicom china or Ti.bet or something but all the while they are trying to convince us that their not really a Chicom.
I saw this the other day on yahoo. Some Chinese guy with a tag of something like “true American” was saying that all we Americans need to do to resolve our debt issue is to sell 3million homes to chicoms…
No one got it, I mean how dumb are we, do we really think this post came from one of us? Not necessarily the subject matter, but its the way they write that gives them away. For instance in chinese they have no past nor future tense, no articles (a , the, etc) and plurals. Thus, the typical chicom writes like this:
Example of chicom pretending to be westerner….
“I am typical american. I live in China four years ago. China government is very good one. China person have human rights, good. America government can sell home China. America government can make money…”
Something like this.. i think i was going to comment on it then thought, fk it , if we are too stupid to see through this ruse, then act on such ideas.
As an aside, I have noticed more foreigners posting under names like ‘love china’, on the chinadaily websit, all in order to sneak in funny comments about the Chinese and avoid the censors….

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Restaurant- How the Chinese Do It

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 31, 2010

This is pretty common in China, in many restaurants they prepare and leave the food like this. I guess its to show the freshness of the produce, and it is truly fresh. Each day they usually buy new vegetables and such.

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