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WTF in China???

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 1, 2010

I took this photo in Chongqing but then spaced off. I think I took it because I liked the guy’s outfit, but now looking at it, it looks like he’s holding his crutches and not using them. Actually, based on the photo, it looks like he’s moving pretty good. So shame on me for not paying more attention, or thinking of a better title for the post.

One Response to “WTF in China???”

  1. You see guys like that in Shenzhen racing around carrying their crutches and then slipping into crippled beggar mode when the spot likely prey. I saw someone doing that in the Guangzhou metro too. Dashing down the stairs to make the subway train and then crutching through the length of the train begging money. Makes me a little cynical about beggars.

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