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My China Haiku

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

Haiku is some Japanese poetry, it consists of 3 lines with each line consisting of 5-7-5 syllables. I learned it in HS and thought it was different. today I was on the subway so I made to Haiku’s (I cheated on the first one)


soldiers glare lady fear
blood memories linger close
still stained cement

And if that doesn’t get you, how about this one

Grucci Bag

fashion lady smile
subway grime offensive smell
Grucci bag tell truth

(oh and btw, I literally did these in ten minutes. I’m not pimping for comments, it’s just an ADD thing nothing more.)

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Ugly Americans to Blame for the Rise of China!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

This is an awesome poster and good explanation for it from chinahush.com. The poster was made after the opening up of China. The opening up was a movement in the late 70’s and early 80’s by Deng Xiao Ping. He basically gave the Chinese permission to make money, although interestingly enough, personal property was not legal in China till the 2000’s. But anyway, this poster is saying that their is a million dollars under the noses of each chinaman. It states that there is a huge discrepancy between the prices in China and abroad, and tells the Chinese to exploit this gap. Apparently, no where on the poster does it say to use morals, ethics, act in a humane and civil manner, nor exclude harmful toxic substances when shipping overseas……


“Title: “Made in China” March towards Western World

After the introduction of Reform and Open Up, Chinese people are surprised by the price difference between domestic market and developed foreign markets. Numerous grass-root entrepreneurs smell the benefits of “made in China” and kicked off a trend of exporting and currency exchange.- from chinahush.com”

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Chinese PLA on The Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

China is militarizing

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Panda Rabbit Meets the Phone

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

My angry rabbit attacking the phone.

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Other Sports Techniques One Can Use in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

Early I blogged ‘Block ’em Out Willy’. Where I spoke about how I used a technique called ‘blocking out’, that can be used in the Chinese subways. After much thought, I have listed some other sports and techniques that one can use on a daily basis in China to make their life easier.

List of sports and skill used
long jump/steeple chase- used to hop over the numerous wads of fresh and calcified phlegm that litter Chinese streets
basketball- use of elbows, blocking out- entering exiting any form of mass transportation
football-head down plow forward- used to enter any building or form of transport
football-run interference- use your body to shield the little old lady from pushing ignorant Chinese on any form of transport, also can be used to aid in shielding the young chinese ladies from the clawing groping hands of the typical Chinese subway pervert
baseball- base stealing- used to wait till the last moment to swipe the seat from that obnoxious one child policy kid person who has cut in line just to snag the seat on any form of public transportation
hockey- body check, used to keep that A$$hole from shoving his money in the face of the attendant as you pay at the local 7-11
king of the hill- general pushing and shoving- generally used in any form of public transportation in China
football- audible- like changing the play at the line of scrimmage. This is used when you have to yell at your friends and tell them that they should not ext the subway yet, there are too many people but to wait for another stop….

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On the Chinese Work Ethic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

I love China, one of the reasons is that anything goes here. each day is something new and surprising. Today for instance, I was at the offices of a supplier, we arrived about 3. They didn’t know we would be coming so it was a surprise. Funny thing is that we walked around and the boss showed us the place, no less than 3 different people were snoozing at their cubicles and had to be woken up. The boss was ticked, i just smiled, this is really China.

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Block ’em Out Willy!- Riding a Subway in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

“Block them out Willy” – what Greg Schaeffer would yell at me during practice…

Greg Schaeffer was my basketball and football coach back in the day. The guy was great, he taught us a lot, but instead of turning this into a ‘feels good post’, I’m just going to rant.

I really don’t care for basketball, but come from a small town in Iowa, which means very small. And in small towns (this was before the ‘net), there were a few things to do, many actually , but only a few that appealed to me. One was girls and the other was sports, so I divided my time between the two and played all the sports my school had to offer.

I was thin when I was young but tall and a decent athlete, but loved to win so loved to master the basics- anything to give me an edge. Coach Schaeffer stressed this, he loved focusing on the basics. He would torture us, make us run till we puked, but loved us like family. And taught us life and basketball skills (he was also a great football coach). One of the sills he taught us was called ”blocking out’. This is a tool used in basketball, and actually wide receivers can use it too, but it is where one uses their body as a shield. The idea in basketball is to shield the opponent from the ball while awaiting a rebound, thus allowing you to get a fix on and grab it.

So flash-forward to today and yesterday. I’m on the subway and surrounded by a hundred fang-toothed chinamen all trying to enter the subway or jostle for position to leave. And lo and behold, but what do I find myself doing? I am using those same basketball rebounding techniques that Coach Schaeffer had taught us. I am lowering my center of gravity and using my center of mass to block out chinamen when necessary, to impede or allow their progress as necessary, and generally acting like a subway ‘traffic cop’ with my body.

The idea hit me this morning in particular as about 10 rowdy Chinese tried to board an already crowded subway. The problem is that in front of them were some elderly women and the guys were being quite rude, and smashing into them. My solution was simple, i utilized what i had been taught many many a moon ago. I stared off into space while using myself to impede the progress of the rowdies, thus providing some room for the elderly.

I miss getting back to the basics….

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The Gentle Rap-Tap Tapping of A Chinese “Massage Woman” at Your Door

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 2, 2010

You like the title eh? Well its true, or partially true. Whats that you ask- go ahead ask. The truth is that in China there are hookers, and a lot of them. Of course prostitution is illegal here, but so is fraud and bribery-ooops. What i mean to say is that the country is moving towards the rule of law and is trying very hard to improve its standard of living, and therein lies the rub. In this country improving one’s standard of living give you face and face is respect. Unfortunately in this country face and respect are measure in money. So what is my point?

My point is that in a country like China even selling oneself is a viable option if it means
a-putting food on the family table
b-allowing one to purchase a luxury purse so the other Chinese will not look down upon her
As for point ‘a’, chinahush did an article a bit ago about a guy who prostituted out his own niece and then his daughter. In his words, “In China they don’t look down upon you if you’re a prostitute, they only frown upon you if you’re poor.” (I will blog this later).
So, for point ‘a’ we see that at times this practice may be forced upon a woman.One of my colleagues attributes this result to Confucianism. She states that if one looks at the 24 books of xiao, it shows that a child must suffer in order to give their parents comfort. She makes a compelling case for that imho.

As for point ‘b’ I submit the following and then some personal observations.
Here is a link from the LA Times about Chinese college students who become prostitutes so they can buy Gucci purses etc. Following the long history of having ‘kept women’, these women, who for a rate of 5-25,000U$ per year take on a sugar daddy. (Article -For some Chinese college students, sex is a business opportunity-)

At this point I know some of you are saying, ‘hey in my school we had that one girl Tiffany and she was a dancer, so the US is the same’. To which I’d reply ‘shut your dumb pie hole and listen, well I wouldn’t say that but I’d think it. Sure we have hookers in the states, Flint Michigan by the Delphi plants are swarming with chocolate love, but what you see in the USA cannot even remotely compare to what we have here.

For instance, in ANY apartment complex in China your door will be covered with little ‘business cards’ for massage services. I am not exaggerating here, but in a week you will receive 5-10 of them. One one side is the face of some sultry Chinese lady and on the back prices and a number. Then, when leaving your apartment, you will find the pimps for those women, they typically are younger guys who hang out and look at their cell phones a lot. The cops do nothing because.. well you can guess why, but the problem is crazy here. And if that is not to your liking maybe you dont trust the woman to go to your place ,then just go to a massage joint with the pink lights, those are the special ones.

So whats the point of all of this you ask…
The point is that I dont want to sound all “Mayberry RFD”, but in the race to modernize it would appear that they should have thought about morals and values. I guess you could consider this situation, vz selling or prostituting oneself what the country of China is doing to itself nowadays. In essence, it too is selling its body to the highest bidder, the air is polluted and the water as well. I guess all the world can do is watch and hope.

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