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Kickin’ The Hornets Nest in China- Nobel Nobel

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 4, 2010

Wo— have you ever heard the term ‘beating a dead horse’? Well the Chinese now exemplify this. That Nobel Prize incident where a guy named Liu Xiaobo was awarded the prize but sits in a jail in China somewhere, has given China a(nother) black eye.

This guy Liu Xiaobo seems to have been one of a group who called for political reform (not unlike Wen Jiabao is doing today- I have heard). But maybe this guy Liu didn’t have the guanxi or maybe his ideas were too good. But anyway, the chicoms have looked him up. They are now pretty pissed with Norway and the Nobel committee. But in the article below, we see just how ‘trifling’ (to use an obama family term), that the chicoms can be. They are requesting/demanding that European leaders boycott the Nobel awards ceremonies because this guy Liu Xiaobo (nobel prize winner is subverting the sanctity of the Chinese government.)WTF –Remember before the ’08 Olympics and all of those promises China made about respecting freedom , laws etc.. I wonder how they would have acted had, Liu Xiaobo won the award back then.

from yahoo news

OSLO, Norway – China is pressuring European governments to avoid the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for imprisoned democracy activist Liu Xiaobo and not make any statements in support of him, several diplomats said Thursday.

The Chinese Embassy in Oslo has sent official letters to a number of European embassies in the Norwegian capital asking them not to attend the Dec. 10 ceremony, two Western diplomats said.

According to one of the diplomats in Beijing who said he has seen the letter, China cited its repeated position that Liu is a criminal for his advocacy of widespread political reforms and called the prize an interference in China’s internal affairs.

The letter also urged embassies not to issue any public statements in support of Liu on the day of the ceremony, he said.

Finland and Iceland confirmed their embassies in Oslo had received a letter in which China expressed its views on Liu receiving the prize, and Sweden said it had received a letter from China but declined to disclose its contents.

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