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China and Inventions

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 7, 2010

Before coming to China, I never new what they had invented here, but now after living here, each and every day I am banged over the head with it. When i first arrived, my chinese friends educated me and I believed. There is ice cream, chopsticks, stuff like that.
Now, I have however a different respect or lack thereof for their supposed claims. Yes, I believe they invented the chopsticks, (no monkeys did not patent it so they lost their rights) and yes they may have invented the umbrella (same as above), but oftentimes I hear some half baked “chinese expert” ,(digression alert— based upon the link here, that I found due to this awesome website—-. And what this link, or this one reconfirmed for me is that academia in China sucks and the garbage they write or supposedly write is at best plagiarized and at worst outright fraud— ouch!!!), I tend to be very skeptical.

All kidding aside…. what I mean to say is that I dont trust the experts here. Due to face saving, they will do and say whatever, all to make their history sound better. Like the other day in some cave in china they found some rocks in the corner by a gourd and the ‘scientist’ proclaimed it the first refrigerator- wtf? And if thats not enough, what about the scientist who found dog feces on an ancient Chinese tile and said that they were the first to make ‘shit on a shingle’, ok maybe the last one was a fabrication of my tired mind, but i hope you get my ;point.

but I really do enjoy it here, eventhough my blog access is blocked by these rttn bstrd chcms!!!

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