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Evil in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 8, 2010

Here is an excerpt of a story about China. A young girl was born, and the family wanted a boy supposedly resorted to sticking a needle in her brain, presumably to kill her. The girl lived, but with brain damage. What type of evil brings people to do this to a child?

“Jane Macartney in Beijing

Chinese people are so desperate for a son that when baby Pingping was born it is thought her relatives tried to kill her by jamming a needle into her head. Her death would have allowed the parents to try again under the strict “one couple, one child” family planning policy.

The little girl did not die. Now aged 11, she had surgery this week to remove the needle that doctors believe was the cause of the her mental deficiency.

The deputy director of the neurosurgery department at the military hospital where the girl was treated, in the southwestern city of Chengdu, said there was a common belief in the countryside that sticking a needle into the head would result in death. “This is evil,” said Kuang Yongqin, who lead the surgical team.The mother of Pingping (not her real name) said that she intended to bring charges against family members who may have been responsible for the attempted murder of her daughter. Police advised Yang Xiaohui to keep the needle, as well as a scan that showed the object buried in her daughter’s head.”

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