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I Bought New Batteries in China…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 13, 2010

I just bought four brand new batteries here in China. I rushed upstairs to place them in my xbox controller and lo and behonld, they do not work. Hm.. was there a mistake, did I put them in upside down? Nope, this is just China.
Now before some guy from Salt Lick Texas comments, ‘hey dude once while I was in Parsnikityville, i also bought a batter that didnt work, so China and the US are the same.To which I would reply, ‘please dont interrupt when the adults are talking.’

The thing is that this is live in China, you cannot expect too much from anything. and heaven forbid I should try to return them, I’d be laughed out of this place. Chinese are so … whats the word.. tight, that they will do anything for a dollar, so what we take for granted, ie. returning products or food that is not up to par, will never fly in China. as a matter of fact, in Guangzhou they are having the asian Olympic games, and the local government decided to allow people to ride the subwyas for free. From my understanding it was bedlam, the tight-assed Chinese were just riding around all day taking advantage of the service, some of them , no doubt brought pic nic baskets and made an all day affair of it.
So, what does this have to do with batteries, not a lot but I decided to combine two blog posts into one. But back to the batteries. If I were to tell the shop owner about my problem, I would probably be shot or stabbed, I doubt they would help. Or they could say, as they typically do in such situations when you wish to complain about product quality, they say
“well what did you expect for the money you paid. you cant expect it to work perfectly for that price can you?”
to which I would reply or think— I guess not, i guess for that price the dead carcass of a knockoff EverReady battery is good enough, thanks…

6 Responses to “I Bought New Batteries in China…”

  1. Yes, in GZ the metro was INSANE during the free days! I saw guards wearing hard-hats and helmets! It was SO PACKED.

    Return a defective product? Next time you have to put them in a gizmo to test them and prove they work – before you pay for them! Sometimes they’ll let us do that. Beyond that, what do you expect? It’s China! And I really think that only people who have lived here can really relate (or even believe you half the time), y’know?

  2. Homer said

    Yep that’s right. It’s not the shop owners fault you didn’t check to see if they didn’t work. I also like the fact that if you order something on Taobao you better darn well make sure it is correct, not broken and any other problem before you tell the shipping buy you’ll sign. After you do it’s all on you.

    Yeah well I know I sent you the wrong thing but you didn’t check before you signed. Not my fault that I swindled you. Ah the China life.

  3. Homer said

    Opps I meant shipping guy not shipping buy. My bad.

  4. SherCM said

    My father is there in Guangzhou right now for the Asian games and I gave him a tall list of what to do and not and things to be aware of. He assured me that in the Games Village where he and his athletes are staying, things such as food are provided following Olympic committee standards and chefs flown in from 5 star hotels, etc. If he needs batteries.. he should be careful they might not work!

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