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Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 14, 2010

My back was killing me today, literally I could barely walk so I went to a Chinese ‘specialist’,,,, while there I learned two things.
!-Chinese acupuncture doctors rock
2-I am a freaking wimp
1- I walked in to the ‘clinic’ not knowing what to expect. I wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen chicken blood on the walls, and figurines and such. But it didnt happen. the place was actually cleaner than the hospital i went to. It had a cool air about it, the people were sincere and friendly. A friend had recommended the place for me, so I am sure out of giving face to the foreigner, they made sure I got the best treatment and I really did.
The doctor was professional and really did a thorough check up. He then asked about xrays and mris and I said ‘na’. So he proceeded with three things. First he did a massage and I guess he is a teacher at this place but it was exceptional. Secondly he did the acupuncture thing- my first time, and lastly that bizarre thing they do with the cups and lighting a fire in them and then suctioning your skin( if you’ve never been here, this will make no sense.)
Oh yeah, he did some of that chiropractor stuff where they twist your spine. But I dont know which part of the cocktail did it for me, but I am not kidding it was incredible. I am currently strutting around the house like nipsy russel on the flip wilson show—(wtf is that you may ask.. actually it has nothing to do with this post nor me. they both are black comedians and I am white but i just think the name nipsy russel is so funny and the flip wilson show was on back in the days of dr. max, davey and goliath, laugh in and that one show with redd Foxx where he owned the junkyard.)
Back to the facts. If you want the details send a message and i will post them but the acupuncture place was by yong hegong temple, right next to where you renew your visas.
Now for pt 2, I am a wimp.

point 2, I am a snithering wimp.
My whole life i played sports, did some jiu jitsu in Brazil and considered myself a macho man. I always thought if it came down to it I was ready for action. Put me in a jail cell and threaten to torture me for State secrets and I’d laugh while you jerk out my biscupids with stale pliers.. thats what i thought.
I am a wimp..
In order to do the acupuncture I had to take off my jeans and lie down on the bed face first. In the room there were three people speaking in hushed tones. I hear the clinking of class, antiseptic i hoped to sterilize the needles. But then came the waiting, i knew about the acupuncture but nothing else. i asked the guy if it would hurt and he says ‘yeah a little’. i had no idea where they’d stick the needles nor the extent of the pain. i’d seen photos of Japanese guys with zillions of those little spikes in their backs and my mind wandered.
Then the guy rubbed some ointment on my skin and some powder, or maybe he sneezed. But my body was like —wtf? I got kind of nervous, I felt pretty exposed an vulnerable, me lying there in my briefs and all these doctors milling about an I have no idea what they are up to. Then the guy stabs me with a needle and i practically scream like a hyena. It was all psychological but was really bizarre. Just the idea of being in a place with no idea of what is happening and no way to communicate was freaky. Right then I knew I was not the man I’d always thought i was. my mind wandered to this being the local office of uncle chicom and they begin to batter my kidneys with gloved fists and then heave large phone books at my head…
None of that would be necessary for yours truly.. All it would take is for some foreigners to pad around in little sandals and say things i cant understand and wave sharp objects in front of my face and my mind will do the rest.
From it all I guess you can say that my battered ego is now supported by a happier spine.

ps. seriously if anyone needs the contact send me a message, I’ll make a post of the info and maybe you can get a discount.
pps. Oh yeah, the whole thing took maybe 1.5 hours and cost 140 RMB with discount or 20U$ and worth every jaio.

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