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Chinese Young Lady Wants to Sell Kidney for Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2010

Here is a shot of a woman who recently graduated from medical school in china. She cannot find a job. The only logical response of course is to sell a kidney to pay for cosmetic surgery right? WTF
Yes it is true, this woman garduated from med school here (digression- which probably means that she actually possesses less knowledge than an Xray- tech back home). but after graduating she is looking for a job and cannot find one, so….she decided to sell a kidney to get surgery.
Yeah this woman decided that she cant get a job due to her disagreeable appearance.
My takes on it:
1- When Chinese hospitals are hiring, do they actually have some forms of objective measurement against which to judge a job candidate, if so, then this woman is a nut
2-Number ‘1’ is probably untrue, thus in China her actions are quite reasonable
3-according to my friend Stuart from Louisiana, all Chinese women could use a touch of cosmetic surgery, how cruel he is…


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