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Slave Labor in China- Explained

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2010

I am posting via email so I need to explain something to you. In the following couple of hours you will see two posts on slave labor in China and they mostly pertain to the brick kiln industry. (btw this post is kinda preachy, so if you’re not in the mood, then skip it and click on pictures)
The purpose of this post is to give some background or context for those posts. If you google “slave labor kiln factory” or merely click it, I have already searched for you, or go here, or here or here, you will see the alarming incidences of people in China being forced into involuntary servitude, or modern day slaves.
These people frequently are mentally disabled or young and the most vulnerable. The sad thing is that not much is being done to catch and punish the transgressors. In one instance a foreman was sought in connection with such a case, but little is said of the owners.
The reasons for this imho are:
-no one cares- to climb to the top of the communist party you have to increase the economic revenue of your province, so you will overlook little transgressions like slave labor as long as money is being made
-greed is the key to china- in a country with 22% of the worlds population how is it that they cannot find readily available cheap labor but have to force people into slavery
-the world turns a blind eye-when you come to China you will not see this, as I have not, and thus you will find it hard to believe and/or isolated to a few companies.And its much easier to deny its existence then face the sad reality thereof.
-no law in China, if they had a functioning legal system there would be reprisals, but there are none so this continues.
-they have no moral compass

The sad thing is that some Chinese are getting filthy rich and we recieve them and their goods with open arms but we dont know how their money was made….

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