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Straight From the Horse’s Udder- Or Chinese Logic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2010

This is a discussion I have had with fellow Chinese and their “logic” mystifies me. I will start off by saying that I do not trust Chinese cars, airplanes, motors etc. They ask me why and the conversation goes like this
me- because its too complex which means there is too much room for mistakes (read as poor quality) to be introduced into the process
them- why
me-because its mechanical
them- we are good at mechanical things
me- who says
them- me
me-how can you manufacture complex goods if you cant even make palatable milk and snow peas?
them- thats natural
me- right
them-its different
me- but if you cannot suck the milk from the udder of a cow without messing it up, how in the heck can you produce an airplane
them-its different its mechanical

So I thought about this conversation. Ok, my point would be that producing milk seems to be a straight forward process. I am from Iowa, and we mostly farm corn and hogs there, so I am no specialist, but I think my logic holds. In order to produce milk, one merely extracts it from the udders of a 4-legged bovine, it is then pasteurized which means many of the harmful things are killed, it is then bottled- basically. Nowhere in the process is one told to add adulterants which take the lives of children. But of course this is China, thus in order for some guy to make an extra .05U$ on an order that is what he does, introduces poison into the system-killing and harming children. Now consider how many possibilities there are to introduce a ‘poison’ into the system of fabricating a jet engine or airplane… scary isnt it?

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