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“Cultivation of Ethics and Fundamentals of Law”- In China???

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2010

I have a good friend who works with local universities and one of his roles is to determine the veracity or applicability of transfer credits for Chinese students transferring to the UK and Canada. He is a very honest, diligent and forthright man but quite often is presented with ethical dilemmas of his own.
The other day he was explaining one such dilemma. He said that as a professional he must look at classes that a local chinaman takes, and then try to forget the fact that this student has probably plagiarized and/or purchased their way through school. In China this is a given so you can do little. But then he is faced with another problem. The following is a course that the local Chinese youth typically takes.

“Cultivation of Ethics and Fundamentals of Law”

Yeah, I am pausing to let it sink in. Let me repeat this for you. Chinese youths take a class called

“Cultivation of Ethics and Fundamentals of Law”

Forget the fact that china has to find someone to teach the class, and forget the fact that the person would probably cheat through it anyway, but how can my friend with a straight face offer a transfer credit to anyone from china who has taken this ‘class’…..
When he told me this I almost spat coke out of my nose I laughed so hard.
opinions welcome….

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