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Children of the Revolution- Damaged Goods in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2010

Yesterday a friend was telling me about China’s history. They said their parents are 55 and thus were ‘educated’ during China’s cultural revolution. If you know nothing of that time, it was crazy anarchy in China- Mao’s failed attempt at cementing his final legacy. During this period from 1966-76 no ‘educating’ went on in China. This is what this person told me.
-The universities were all but closed and people would go there to learn Mao’ist doctrines
-the grade schools did no educating, but the students played and had propaganda piped in proclaiming that capitalism was evil and need be crushed
-kids could disrespect teachers and quite often they were beaten or tortured for not being
‘red enough’
Now with that as the background, think of this. The people in this age group, who ‘grew up’ with such craziness are the next leaders of China. In addition, they are the parents of many of the ‘one child policy’ Chinese that now inhabit our universities. Just consider this when you are talking to that polite young man-sarcastic, or arguing with his mother about why her precious little Xian Wo was not offered a job….

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