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China Builds a ‘Collapsable Hotel’ in Only 16 Days- Well Not Really “Collapsable”- Yet

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 16, 2010

In a sudden move to show her dominance in all things manufacturing, China introduced the first multi-story death trap (hotel) and it was completed in only 16 days…
Here is the story. This is true, the Chines have built a kind of “prefab mobile home, hotel, massage parlor, multi-story buiilding thing’ in only sixteen days. 16 Days!. For those of us in the know, that number actually happens to be the exact same gestation period for the golden hamster….I will now go on a super digression, then put my summary at the end. Actually I just googled fast gestation periods because I thought it would be funny. It would be a good idea to compare the rapidity with which these uneducated workers slapped up this building that supposedly can withstand an earthquake of 9.0 on the richter scale. Then while digging I read about the golden hamster, then I found this post. It is awesome as it exposes what my belief about this building is….this post states that animals with shorter gestation periods die earlier (what do you think the implications for this building are)….I guess it is logical, but I never thought of it but I am now pleased with my creativity in my China bashing and how we have all learned something today…

Ok my summary
1-6 Days WTF
Come on, I’ve seen them toiling over buildings for 3- 6 months only to have them collapse before completed. Think of all the things that go into building a building, like… well I am not sure, but I know there a ton of screws and then wiring to lay and bolts to be tightened. To me, intuitively it just seems like an abbreviated time period for a place built to house humans.

One Response to “China Builds a ‘Collapsable Hotel’ in Only 16 Days- Well Not Really “Collapsable”- Yet”

  1. Yasmyn said

    yea, WTF (font 72) its unbelievable. they must have had ppl working 24 hrs on shifts (maybe if the person in charge had a conscience).

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