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Cheating in China- Taiwan Pissed

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 18, 2010

China is an odd place, at times what they do seems odd or unreasonable. The following is an example of this behavior. But first let me add some context to the post Ta…iw.an (and most of the world) considers itself an independent State or country, but China disagrees. China considers it a wayward province who needs to return home. Thus the relationship between the two is guarded, if not acrimonious- at times.

Here is a story from Ta.i.w.a.n, . Yang Shu-Chun is from Taiwan and a brilliant martial artist, but she is from Taiwan, not the ‘mainland’ (if you live in China, you will understand this).Yang had made it to the semi’s and if she were to beat her Vietnamese opponent, she would presumably face a competitor from China. In her semi-final match, Yang was beating her Vietnamese opponent by a score of 9-0. All of the sudden, the match was halted and Yang- who is from Taiwan was disqualified for wearing illegal socks….
This all seems pretty confusing, so let me cut to the chase:
-Yang is a great martial artist
-Yang hails from Taiwan
-Yang was winning her match
-If she had one, she’d probably face an opponent from China
-Yang is very good, but is from Taiwan (the background is that China is militant in their belief that Tw is a renegade province from China who is merely waiting to come home to China)

I know little about this event, but it seems odd to me that they woman would be stopped in the middle of a match for ‘illegal magical socks’. As a matter of fact her gear was checked before the event

“Before the start of [yesterday’s] bout, the chief judge carefully examined all the equipment on my body and did not raise any questions.” Coach Liu Yung-lung said: “Even though the model was different, the judge did not find fault with it before the bout. If the judge had brought up the problem at the start, Yang Shu-chun could have changed her socks.”This was negligence on the part of the organizers. Individual athletes should not have to pay for the authorities’ problems.”

Thus the question is: why would this bout be stopped. To me it sounds like the case of the ’88 Olympics where Roy Jones Jr. was robbed of a gold by the Koreans. Understandably, the Taiwanese are furious at what they see as obvious cheating by the Chinese. To me it shows what the rise of China means to the world.

here is the story:
“Yang Shu-Chun was leading in the 49kg semifinals when all of the sudden she was disqualified for wearing ‘illegal socks’.

One Response to “Cheating in China- Taiwan Pissed”

  1. The socks contained extra sensors to help more accurately record her points. The idiotic thing is that if those aren’t legal in the sport, that should be made clear to EVERYONE before the competition starts, and it wasn’t (because if the Chinese player had been using them, no one would have made a fuss).

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