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Mickey D’s in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 18, 2010

At present, McDonalds has about 1000 stores in China. Although in most countries McDonald’s are franchise stores this is not true in China where 997 of the stores are run by McDonalds and not franchises. The reason is that McDonalds didnt trust the locals to run a franchise store as well as they do in other countries, they worried the stores would be turned into McShite, due to poor Chinese management practices.

One Response to “Mickey D’s in China”

  1. So THAT explains the stability of their quality control. I wondered how they did it. My only question now… Only 1,000? It seems like there must be way more than that. I took one metro exit the other day and counted four different ones in my line of site. Ubiquitous doesn’t begin to describe it.

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