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Angry Chicoms Spoiling the Nobel Prize Awards

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2010

This guy named Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel prize for peace and the chicoms are pissed. They say he is an enemy of the state and that it is outrageous to give him the award. Well, he actually cant receive it personally as he is in jail in the PRC now.
So, the chicoms, in their anger, asked the world to support them and boycott the Nobel Prize ceremonies. They even went so far as to threaten countries who did attend, to “suffer sever consequences.”
Some countries listened to them. I guess its just like my mother told me, you can tell the quality of a person by the friends they keep.
Here is a list of China’s friends, the ones who will boycott the ceremony.
– Russia
That says a lot about China doesnt it? Think about that the next time you ink a business deal with a chicom company….

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Chinese Hacking, Huawei and Internet Security

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2010

The US is alleging that Chinese Telecoms ‘hijacked’ internet traffic from US military and governmental agencies. Beijing, of course denies this or stated it was a mistake. Here is my question.
Why would the USA or any other nation consider allowing a private company like China’s Huawei- who makes routers and such, to enter the US market? Huawei is a private Chinese company who does not fully dislcose where they sell their goods, nor who is actually pulling the strings within the company. The leader is a reclusive Chiunese Red Army soldier who says next to nothing about what he does. But whatever he does, the chicoms like it as they footed the bill for the new R&D facility for Huawei about 10 miles northwest of the stop at Xi Er Qi.
China still has a bone to pick with the world over the 100 years of humiliation and many other things, so to think that they will ever forgive and forget seems a little naive. If you really care, then do something about it, send an email or whatever, but dont allow this to happen any more. (Huawei is bidding on many projects in the USA at present. In true Chinese style , they can use subversion, sneak in and have an amount of control over our telecom infrastructure- is this what we really want?)

oh btw- In the doorway of the Huawei facility they have a sign that in essence says “The communist party welcomes you to Huawei”

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Funny Re-blog about Chinese Hospitals

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2010

Here is an interesting post about Chinese hospitals which mirrors my experience. The blog is from a guy who just moved to China from Korea( I think he’s an American). I cannot give you the link as I am using a redirect, but check it here.

The title is
“First hospital trip in Changsha, Hunan, China-“You wanna do What with that?…”


“Walking inside there are no lights, and no people. My heart sinks and it’s then that I realize how all pervasive siesta time is in Changsha. From lunch time till about 3pm everyone is napping or taking a rest from work–and this includes doctors and nurses.

Our liaison walks around knocking on doors and calling out for someone . . . and after a minute or two a doctor comes out of room dressed in a collared shirt and cotton pants with bare feet in sandles . . . nice. He pulls on his white doctor’s coat (good thing, cause later on I would have been asking if he actually had a medical liscence based on how often I had to ask for him to do certain things) and we get Julianne into an ‘examination room’ . . .

Inside the room the doctor pulls out a package of q-tips and asks Julianne to sit down on a bed. I look at him and wonder when he’s going to wash his hands . . . but after searching the room for a sink and soap the one I see in the corner makes me cringe like it’s crawling with vipers–it was filthy, and the bar of soap looked like a biohazard.

I wait one more minute, and then ask him if he’s going to put gloves on. I think he understood some English because that’s when he reaches into a cupboard and pulls out a package of gloves. By this point a nurse has arrived, and the room is getting crowded. The doctor, nurse, liaison, and Julianne and I . . .

This is when Julianne and I begin asking questions.

1. What does he want to do?
2. Does he want to cut off the toe nail?
3. How will he do that?

4. Will he use sterile instruments?

The first three questions get translated and answered pretty easily. The doctor wants to cut off the nail to see if there are any open wounds or punctures underneath it.

But ‘sterile’ was a word our liaison didn’t know and we had to try and explain it . . . and even after I tried several different ways of explaining and defining the term she didn’t have that glint of “I get it” in her eye. Julianne and I give up temporarily and gesture for the doctor to get on with it. Both of us watching like hawks to see what he will do, and where the instruments will come from.”

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Inflation in China- In pictures

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2010

Here is a good excerpt from Chinahush. It dramatically explains how inflation has affected buying goods in China.


In one year, 100 yuan buys you 30 less apples. The price of Fuji apple around Beijing area was 3.95 yuan / kg in 2009 and 5.94 yuan / kg in 2010. Apple price soared in 2010 made people ask “On what basis?” (‘苹’什么? Apple in Chinese is a phonetic pun of ‘basis’)


In one year, 100 yuan buys 4 and half bags less instant noodles. Price of instant noodles in Beijing was 2 yuan / pack in 2009 and 2.2 yuan / pack in 2010.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 6 kg less garlic. Price of garlic in Beijing was 6.8 yuan / kg in 2009 and 11.15 yuan / kg in 2010. In July 2010, the market price of garlic reached the highest point in the history. November 16, garlic price began to decline after some skyrocketing prices.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 4 liang (an ancient weight unit, 4 liang is 0.2 kg) less cooking oil. Cooking oil was 17.91 yuan / kg in 2009 and 18.40 yuan / kg in 2010. In October, different brands of cooking oil prices in Beijing showed different rate of increase.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 90 less eggs. The price of eggs in Beijing was 6.47 yuan / kg in 2009 and 8.49 yuan / kg in 2010. In October, price of eggs rose 17.14%.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 1 (8 liang [0.4 kg]) less fish (Crucian Carp). Price of Crucian Carp in Beijing was 10.44 yuan / kg in 2009 and 10.67 yuan / kg in 2010. Price of Carp rose from 11.00 yuan / kg to 11.50 yuan / kg in the beginning of this month.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 3 jin (1.5kg) less chili peppers. Price of chili peppers in Beijing was 5.11 yuan / kg in 2009 and 5.53 yuan / kg


In one year, 100 yuan buys you 6 liang (0.3kg) less streaky pork. Price of streaky pork in Beijing was 17.48 yuan / kg in 2009 and 18.02 yuan / kg in 2010. Average price of pork in Beijing is now 15.76 yuan / kg compare with same time last year 13.68 yuan / kg, an increase of 15.37%.


In one year, 100 yuan buys 4.5 kg less flour. Price of flour in Beijing was 2.27 yuan / kg in 2009 and 2.33 yuan / kg in 2010.

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Relaxing in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2010

The incredible rabbit , relaxing.

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