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Chinese Big Game Hunting in Africa or Merely Shooting at the Local Help-Chinese Coal Bosses Shooting Africans

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 23, 2010

Chinese have a different concept of rights and humans ,and basically anything pertaining to morals and ethics. Thus, it should come as now surprise that when in Africa, the Chinese do not as Africans but as Chinese.
The story below (thanks for the heads up nulle) is about Chinese coal mine owners who “mistakenly” shot African workers who were protesting crappy working conditions and pay in the company.
my take
1– its a good thing guns are illegal in China cuz they cannot handle them responsibly
2- how in the %^%^% bad are the working conditions in this Chinese company that the Africans are complaining? I doubt Zambia , where the event took place , has OSHA standards adn I shudder to think how they are treated
3-why does this sort of thing not make it to Chinese press
4-how scary is china’s need for coal, what will they do in the future to secure energy for their country

“China said Tuesday that two Chinese coal mine managers who were arrested in Zambia for allegedly shooting 12 local workers had hurt the Zambians “mistakenly”.

The two Chinese nationals have been charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting randomly at the Zambian miners after they protested poor working conditions at their Chinese-run mine on Friday.

The incident has raised a political storm, with opposition leader Michael Sata accusing the Chinese in the country of being untouchable because they are funding the ruling party ahead of next year’s elections. However, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the managers of the private company had “mistakenly hurt several local workers”, while promising to cooperate with Zambia on the case.

“We will proceed from the overall interests of our friendly relations with Zambia, continue our close cooperation and properly handle the aftermath according to law,” Ma said when asked for comment at a news briefing. The injured workers at the Chinese-run Collum Coal Mine were hospitalised after the incident. The two Chinese suspects will appear in court soon, a Zambian government official told AFP.

Investment from China has been on the rise in Zambia, with several copper and coal mines bought by Chinese firms.Africa has seen a wave of Chinese investment, despite criticism in the West that Beijing was blatantly ignoring human rights abuses, and environment and corruption issues in some countries as it lunges for the continent’s resources.

2 Responses to “Chinese Big Game Hunting in Africa or Merely Shooting at the Local Help-Chinese Coal Bosses Shooting Africans”

  1. Didn’t even hear about the incident in the news. Communists will never admit to their failures. There’s been a lot of incidents lately in Africa where the Chinese had something to do with it, so this come as no surprise to me really.

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