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Daily Pisser in China…Public Urination in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 23, 2010

No that lady squatting is not doing a ‘linda lovelace’ on the guy, although it may appear that way. This is a photo of a happy Chinese photo taking their little one-child disappointment for a walk. Apparently the kid (who is hard to see, he’s actually between them), had to take a leak, so being Chinese, they stopped in this crowded area so the kid could do just that. I was late on the shot, and got the end when she was zipping up his pants, so I got the aftermath. Blow up the photo and you can see the kids little legs and in front of them the nice pool of urine he’d just expelled. I dont know who the other man is, maybe just some random perv, but check out how many people are are around and these people think nothing of their actions. btw this area is loaded with public toilets….man China is great!!

3 Responses to “Daily Pisser in China…Public Urination in China”

  1. Thus the source of what I call “mystery water” in China.

  2. samuel welsh said

    this is bad manner both in france and in china

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