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Going Green in China- My Trash Dilemma

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 24, 2010

I love the planet, but I live in China, so i have a dilemma. I purchased some batteries, but of course, out of a four pack, only 2 worked, so the others must be disposed of. I know that batteries supposedly have toxic substance in them, ie lead, cadmium, and should be properly disposed of. But then again I live in China.
So I thought, “ok self, in my hand I hold two batteries which are in need of disposal. And also, on the table is a broken glass in need of disposal. Batteries supposedly have toxic chemicals in them, these are required for the proper functioning of the batter, but these have never worked. So, self, in all probability, that broken glass on the table has more lead and cadmium than this battery ever did…what should I do? Discard the batteries with the normal trash and put the glass in the biohazard waste? Put both in the biohazard waste? Chuck them both?”

I waited for a reply from my alter ego and got none…

Its great to explore the realities of China first hand.

One Response to “Going Green in China- My Trash Dilemma”

  1. Perfect way of juxtaposing the problem!

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